U.S. Open Sectional Qualifier

Date: Jun. 2, 2008
Location: O.S.U. Scarlet GC & Brookside CC (Columbus, OH) (OSU Scarlet (Par=72; Course Rating=76.1; Slope=142; Yards=7455), Brookside (Par=72; Slope=137; Course Rating=73.9; Yards=6969))
R1 R2 Score POS
70(-1) 74(+2) 144(+1) t53/140 MC

Pitzen played with Pat Perez, who shot 138, and qualified. Perez and Pitzen were neck and neck with nine holes to play at Brookside CC. Perez ringed off three birdies and Pitzen made three bogeys to drop off the pace. Pitzen played the Scarlet Course at O.S.U. during the Ohio High School State Championships and got redemption on Jack's redesigned model despite not being able to take advantage of all his birdie attempts with a 1-under-par 70. Pitzen ended 5-strokes off qualifying pace for the '08 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines in Perez's hometown of San Diego, California. Pitzen played the U.S.

U.S. Open Local Qualifier

Date: May. 5, 2008
Location: Lone Palm GC (Lakeland, FL)
R1 Score POS
68(-4) 68(-4) t2nd/79

Pitzen qualified for the Secitional Stage for the U.S. Open for the first time and advanced to the Columbus, Ohio site in which various tour players come from the Memorial Tournament to try to qualify. Pitzen advanced to the U.S. Open Sectional Qualifier for the first time. View article on link:


Nationwide Tour Albertson's Boise Open Presented by First Health

Date: Sep. 11, 2008 - Sep. 14, 2008
Location: Hillcrest CC (Boise, ID) (Par=71; Yds.=6698)
R1 R2 Score POS
73(+2) 78(+7) 151(+9) t149th/156 MC

Nationwide Tour Xerox Classic

Date: Aug. 14, 2008 - Aug. 17, 2008
Location: Irondeqouit CC (Rochester, NY) (Par=70; Yds.=6720)
R1 R2 Score POS
73(+3) 76(+6) 149(+9) t130/156 MC

Nationwide Tour Prince George's County Open

Date: May. 22, 2008 - May. 25, 2008
Location: The Country Club at Woodmoore (Mitchelville, MD) (Par: 72, Yards: 7089)
R1 R2 Score POS
79(+7) 74(+2) 153(+9) t139/156 MC

Moonlight Golf Tour

Date: Oct. 24, 2010
Location: Huntington Hills GC - Lakeland, FL (C.R.=71.7; Slope=128; Yards=6553; Par=72)
R1 Score POS
75(+3) 75(+3) 2nd
See video

NGA Hooters Tour

Date: Jul. 28, 2005 - Jul. 31, 2005
Location: Peoria Ridge GC (Miami, Oklahoma) (Par: 72, CR: 74.1, Slope: 127, Yards: 6,960)
R1 R2 R3 R4 Score POS
74(+2) 63(-9) 70(-2) 74(+2) 281 (-7) t58/168

Nationwide Tour Albertson's Boise Open Qualifier

Date: Sep. 8, 2008
Location: BanBury GC (Eagle, ID) (Par=71; Slope=132; C.R.=73.3; Yds.=6890)
R1 Score POS
65(-6) 65 (-6) 4th/?

Nationwide Tour Xerox Classic Qualifier

Date: Aug. 11, 2008
Location: Ravenwood GC (Victor, NY) (Par: 72, CR:140, Slope: 74.1, Yards: 7,083)
R1 Score POS
68(-4) 68(-4) t2/?

Nationwide Tour Prince George's County Open Qualifier

Date: May. 19, 2008
Location: Laurel Hill GC (Lorton, VA) (Par: 71, Yards: 7010, Course Rating: 74.6, Slope: 145)
R1 Score POS
68(-3) 68 (-3) t4th/100+

This was my first career Nationwide Tour successful qualifier. I was dissappointed none of my family was able to see me play, but Phil Beard looped. My childhood friend Austin Hulbirt came out to see me play during one of the rounds because he lived close by.

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